When you get in your car on a cold day, you expect you heat to work. And, if it’s not working, you definitely notice! There are a variety of reasons why the heat may not come on. But the most common cause is a broken thermostat which could be stuck open or closed. It also can cause problems with your engine’s cooling system.
Besides lack of heat, you may notice your temperature gauge is in the “red.” Possibly, after engine idling for a bit, the car still isn’t warm inside. Maybe you notice the cabin temperature changing without reason. Or you could have noticed coolant under your car or around the thermostat itself.
With a few tools, coolant, gloves, a good work area, and a new thermostat you may be able to change the thermostat yourself. But the job is just a bit more detailed than that.
It’s important to make sure that the problem is diagnosed correctly. If it’s not the thermostat, then you’ve wasted time and money on the repair and on parts that you can’t return. It’s also important that you have the correct part for your specific car.
If making mechanical repairs isn’t for you, then we’re here for you. We will quickly and accurately diagnose the problem, order the correct original equipment parts, and make the necessary repairs to get you back on the road quickly and safely!

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