Turn SignalWhen you’re driving, there’s lots to think about.  Your speed, other vehicles, safety, traffic signals, emergency vehicles, kids in your car, along with so many other distractors.  Safety is first and foremost; however, while operating your vehicle, you need to be paying attention to it’s overall operation  to make sure things are working properly.

If you’ve noticed your turn signal blinking faster than usual there are several possible explanations.  It may seem like a small thing, you may not even notice it at first, but it could be a safety issue for  you and others on the road if the turn signal isn’t working at all.

Common reasons for the fast flashing:

  • Bad or broken bulb or an incorrect bulb
  • The flasher module
  • Bad wiring

Bulbs can be replaced, but some car models require special tools, or even a lot of effort to get to the bulb to remove it.  Bad bulbs can also create electrical issues with the sockets.  But, if the bulb isn’t the issue, we would look for bad wiring which can create electrical issues. It could possibly send a code to the car’s computer to help diagnose the problem.  Finally, the flasher module may need to be replaced.

Of course, we look for and eliminate the most common causes first, by testing the bulb, socket and wiring.  Every manufacturer has specs on your particular model of car. We make sure any repair is done to manufacturers standards with the correct equipment and parts.

If you’re experiencing this issue, schedule and appointment to have it checked.