Your exhaust system is made of a several components, and depending on the part, the noises will vary when the system begins to fail.

If you notice a loud “hissing” sound, it’s usually a tell tail sign that there is a crack in the exhaust manifold, a leaking gasket, or a small leak in the exhaust pipe.  Cars end up with lots of rattles over time from the constant vibration from driving, and one of the most common noises is rattling or clanking sounds as you’re driving, which are usually a sign that something is loose or broken.

As the exhaust hangers begin to break, it creates added stress to the muffler and pipes, in turn may cause those parts to fail and even fall off.  If this happens, the exhaust noise will be extremely loud, and require a new exhaust system.

Since rust is one of the biggest culprits of a failing exhaust system, we recommend washing the under carriage of your car regularly to help remove the corrosive elements. It won’t stop the parts from wearing out, but it could slow down the process and extend the life of parts and help prevent the car’s body from rusting too.

When you bring your car in for service, we check for necessary repairs like this, and advise you of need repairs to help keep you safely on the road.