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Why is My Car’s ABS Light On?

Your car’s ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) shares some systems with the cars traction control system. If the ABS light comes on, there’s a malfunction in the braking  or traction control system. For your safety, you should have it checked immediately.

Some reasons the light may come on include:

  • Broken wheel speed sensor
  • Low brake fluid
  • The ABS module is malfunctioning
  • Issues with the traction control system
  • System has been turned off

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Our professional staff of auto technicians are trained to find and repair these issues.  We will do a complete diagnostic check and fill the fluids, to make sure you’re safe when you’re on the road.

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We can also help you keep up with regular maintenance by pre-setting appointments so that you can be reminded to bring your car in for regular checks and maintenance.  Keeping you and your car on the road safely.


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