We all want to save money. And, we know that fixing our maintain our cars is more economical in the long run, than it is to wait for something to break which could affect many of your car’s systems, causing  serious and expensive repair bills.

Many folks are tempted to fix it themselves, finding cheap parts online to put a “Band-aid” on the problem without an accurate and thorough diagnosis.  But, how do you know the parts that you’re buying are legitimate parts meant for your particular vehicle, will fit, and work properly?  The price tag should be the first indicator.  If it seems too good to be true, well… it probably is.

Counterfeit auto parts aren’t only cheap, they are also bad for your car. They typically aren’t made to manufacturer specifications or of the same quality or necessarily made with the highest quality material.  Counterfeit parts frequently don’t fit properly, don’t work properly, can void your manufacturer’s warranty, and typically you can’t return them for a refund or replacement.  And, they can fail quickly leaving you stranded without transportation.  You may have even paid a friend to install the part, without professional tools or diagnosis equipment. You have been duped for your hard-earned money, and still have to repair your car properly.

When you bring your car into a professional automotive repair shop, we use only reputable suppliers, who sell only original equipment parts or manufacturer authorized replacement after market parts. This ensures that your car is repaired correctly, with reliable parts, and you have a warranty on the parts and labor for the repair.

Don’t be fooled by cheap prices and knock-off parts.  It’s a billion dollar industry, of every imaginable auto part, from brakes, spark plugs, hoses, fuel and water pumps, electronic modules which aren’t programmed properly for your car, just to name a few.