Maryland State Inspection – Environmental Automotive Services – 3/19/21

In Maryland, every car registered in the state must have a safety inspection when it is purchased. Specifically, used cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, vehicles for hire (Class B), and historic vehicles 1986 or later (Class L).

Cars must be inspected at a licensed Maryland inspection station. Many specialized automotive service centers and dealers provide this service. During the safety inspection, the technician will check the vehicle completely. Making sure that there parts are operating properly and there is no excessive wear to cause them to fail prematurely.

  • Steering, Linkage & Wheel Alignment
  • Motor Mounts: Check condition and for cracks and signs of cracks
  • Suspension, Ball Joints, Wheel Bearings, Springs, Shocks, Struts
  • Braking System: Stopping distance, Drums/Disc condition, Pads, Linkages, Parking Brake function, Hydraulic system condition
  • Tires & Wheels: condition & size/type of tires, tread depth, nuts, studs & lugs
  • Universal “U” joints for proper tension and damage, CV joint boots for tears
  • Fuel System: Leaks, Proper operation of the throttle and accelerator
  • Exhaust System: Manifolds, Mufflers, Piping, Tail Piping, Leaks and Correct Hardware Mounting
  • Electrical: Worn or frayed wiring, all switches are working, battery & cables and secure brackets
  • Mirrors: Views in mirrors are unobstructed, and are working condition
  • Window Inspection: Proper materials, window operation, damage to windows that exceed state limit & tinting allowed by state limits
  • Lights: Functioning of all lights, including instrument, head, tail, parking, & driving/fog lights
  • Bumpers & Fenders: Proper bumper height and mounting, and fenders mounted/attached right and cover the tires & wheels
  • Rust/Holes: Inspect floors and trunk for holes which could allow exhaust to enter into the vehicle cabin
  • OTHER: Wiper arms and blades, hood latches and safety latch operation, door handles and hinges. Safety belts installed and functioning. Gear shifter selection indicator position working.
  • Speedometer/Odometer: Working and reading both MPH & Kilometers.

A road test by technician/inspector will also be done to verify some of the items listed above.

In addition to the safety inspection, all vehicles must also pass a vehicle emissions test which is done to cut down on pollution.  Emission tests are done through the State of Maryland at one of their testing facilities. It is not part of the standard safety inspection, although, we do check the systems to make sure they are operating properly.

When you’re buying a used vehicle, or moving to Maryland from another state, and need an inspection, give us a call and we will be glad to help you.