Gasoline Direct Injection Engines

Gasoline Direct Engines are, simply put, a type of fuel injected engine.   GDI engines make up a majority of the engines in newer cars produced today.

GDI, conventional fuel injected, and even carbureted engines alike, can have heavy and sticky carbon deposits build up on the valves and in the intake system, seriously affecting the performance of your vehicle’s engine and your gas mileage.   Worst case, if not maintained properly, could be a costly repair and even leave you stranded with a motor that won’t start.

How does it work?  With GDI, gasoline is highly pressurized and is forced directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder. It improves power as well as fuel economy; a result of the precise control that GDI engines have over the timing and the fuel delivered to the engine, which are adjusted multiple times per second depending on how the vehicle is driven and how the engine is being used.

With this efficient technology, also comes advancements in technology to maintain, service and repair these types of engine

systems.  Proper, and regular, service and maintenance will ensure a longer life of your engine, save you money in gasoline, peace of mind that your car will start and run efficiently and not leave you stranded. And, can even help your car’s resale value, if you track your maintenance to show prospective buyers which gives them peace of mind knowing the vehicle has a better chance of lasting longer.

These GDI engines need a little more TLC, but are worth the effort!   Bring your vehicle in for an injection cleaning, where we use professional BG Products, only found in authorized professional automotive repair shops.  Carbon build-up can result

in expensive and labor-intensive measures to repair if not serviced regularly, and we will explain the products we’re using and how they work to eliminate potential costly repairs later “down the road.”

Our technicians are trained professionals and specialize in all types of makes and models of vehicles for auto repair and service.  We can advise you on the best way to get the longest life out of your car.

Call today to schedule an appointment to service your engine for optimal performance, reliability, and fuel economy.