Auto Repair 21108 MillersvilleYou hear your car making noises, and then your car begins slowing down. You pull to the shoulder of the road to realize that you’ve run out of gas. You were probably in a hurry and just didn’t look at the gauge like you would normally do.
It’s probably happened to us all at least once, but what happens to your car when you run out of fuel? As your tank becomes low on fuel your car’s fuel pump, which is in the gas tank in many newer model cars, begins to pull fuel from the bottom of the tank, and can pull in debris and fine particles, and some of that debris can get through to your engine.

Auto Repair 21108 – Fuel Pump Replacement

Your fuel pump is designed to push fuel from the tank to the engine. The fuel actually acts to cool and lubricate the fuel pump. When your car becomes low on fuel, it will begins to pull in more air through the pump, causing it to mis-fire. That will also cause it to run hotter as the fuel is used up. The car will shutoff due to lack of fuel.
Always get your fuel from a reliable station, and if you can, avoid getting fuel when the delivery tanker is at the station delivering fuel. Debris and fine particles get stirred around when the tanks are being filled, and that can find it’s way into your tank when you are filling up.

Auto Repair Millersville 21108
Running out of gas once probably won’t cause any long term damage to the fuel pump or your engine, but if it occurs repeatedly, you may end up needing expensive repairs, and a new fuel pump. We’re ready with award winning car repair services in Millersville 21108.