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Make a point to check your tire pressure regularly. Even though many newer cars have tire pressure sensors, it’s still a good idea to check the pressure every few weeks with a pressure gauge. Sensors can go bad, or sometimes your tire pressure is within tolerance, so you won’t know if the pressure has changed.
Checking it regularly gives you the opportunity to:
• inspect your tires visually for any possible damage to the sidewall or punctures in the tread
• inspect for signs of wear, dry-rotting, cracks which are potential safety issues
• make sure that the pressure is accurate
• balanced in all four tires

Auto Repair 21108 Zip CodeUnder inflated tires can lower your gas mileage by about .2% for every one (1) psi drop in the average pressure of each tire. When properly inflated, your tires last longer and are safer from unexpected blow-outs.
You can locate the proper tire pressure guidelines for your specific tires in your car’s owner manual or on the label in the door jam. Tires have a maximum tire pressure printed on the sidewall too, but that shouldn’t be used as the guide to fill the tire. It’s meant as a safety guide and the tire maximum tire pressure rating. Give us a call or schedule online for trusted auto repairs in Millersville 21108.

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