Auto Body Repair in Odenton, MD

Auto Body Repairs You Can Trust

Odenton auto body repairs can be convenient and come with experience.  We know you have a choice where you want to have your car repaired after a collision. We bring our decades of experience in working with car insurance companies to bring you dependable results in all your Odenton auto body repair needs.  We’ll be bringing you some typical body work on a regular basis to help you understand the quality and services of our body shop. Our processes will streamline the steps for you with easy scheduling, dealing with the insurance company for you and providing body work at high standards.  Lets get started with a Free Estimate on auto body repairs for your Odenton vehicle. Call us today at (410) 987-9493.

Body Shop Repair Odenton – Not Duct Tape and Bungee Cords

After an accident you will be looking for body shop repairs in Odenton Maryland.  Some have tried to “bandage” a vehicle after an accident with home made repairs like duct tape and bungee cords.  This a not a safe auto body repair and can cause more... read more

Odenton Auto Body Shops Car Painting

One of the most common repairs needed from an Odenton auto body shop is car painting.  We have been painting cars for decades and have continuously improved our painting and finish processes.  Times have changed and so have automotive materials, paints and... read more

Body Shop Odenton Loose Car Parts

You may have driven around Odenton and noticed a vehicle with a loose bumper, hood or other car part.  Our Body shop can help with  those loose auto body parts.  It is tempting to skip a repair and put it off for later.  However, when that minor accident or fender... read more

Body Shop Odenton for Holiday Travel

When the holidays are here and travel is happening you want a good looking vehicle that is dependable in Odenton Maryland.  We can help with all the auto body repairs you need to look great once again.  The holidays are filed with family and friends gathering. ... read more

21113 Odenton Auto Body Shop

The 21113 zip code has a lot of great cars and we’ve helped with a lot of auto body repairs.  Deer collisions are plentiful in Odenton and our I-CAR trained techs have solved many of the complicated issues that come from a deer impact.  This time of year leaves... read more

Bumper Odenton Body Shop Repairs

If your Odenton car has need for a little body shop repairs we can help.  Often the car or truck’s bumper is the first thing damaged in an impact.  Impacts with other vehicles or even sliding off the road can scratch, dent or even remove your vehicle’s... read more

Auto Body Shop Odenton Deer Collisions

Fall is a great time of year for driving and seeing the season change in Odenton.  Our auto body shop gets its share of vehicles coming in after a deer collision.  We can work with your insurance company to get the most out of your coverage.  Any collision with an... read more

Car Body Work in Odenton Cool Weather

Odenton auto body repairs are effected by cooler weather.  As the temperatures drop in Odenton roads get slicker with leaves, rain and eventually snow.  Daylight is shorter and less light can mean tougher driving conditions.  If you have put off any auto body repairs... read more

Odenton Body Work Shop

If you are having issues in Odenton and need body work after an accident, fender bender or scratch give us a call or stop by the shop.  We have decades of experience working with your car and insurance companies.  Experience matters and brings great results.  Choosing... read more

Auto Body Shop Odenton Lights

Headlights and Tail lights are common auto body shop repairs in Odenton, MD.  When accidents happen lighting components are often broken.  From cracked lenses, blown fuses to electrical wiring issues lights are often damaged.  Being able to properly analyze the root... read more

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"Courteous. Listens to the customer. Helpful advice on which service/s really need to be done. Great customer service."

-Melvin M.

"Everyone was very nice and my oil change was quickly completed while I waited -- I will be back"

-Shirley H.

Great personalized service. I bought a used BMW which needed some level-setting to get it up to par. EAS created a list for me and we knocked it out in order of importance. My daughter uses this car in NY where she attends school and I won't trust anyone or any other shop to handle the maintenance.

-Rosalind H.